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Introducing... Window Seat Group

I’m proud to announce the official launch of Window Seat Group (WSG).

I started Window Seat Group because I saw the continuing need to support companies with the changing nature of marketing – the integration of digital tools, channels and platforms into their existing strategies.

And the continuing need for senior marketing professionals to be curious and innovative in their strategic approach.

Whether you’ve implemented the basics or are advanced in your digital marketing journey, I look forward to helping you navigate the path to a more high-performing marketing function through insights, strategy and capability building.


Digital Marketing is not a strategy. Digitising your existing marketing plan to meet the needs of your customers, can be.

Follow us for regular marketing insights via our LinkedIn page: Window Seat Group (LinkedIn).


And if you have a marketing team that could benefit, please put them in touch!

Until all business is sustainable, WSG will prioritise the ones who are leading the way.

I am determined to operate a sustainable business. Until all businesses are operating sustainably, I’ll ensure that Window Seat Group prioritises non-profits and social enterprises by providing pro-bono marketing services, 5% of our time.

It’s not an empty promise. I look forward to sharing these stories as we go along.

Please let me know if you know of an organization that could use our (free) help.

We're on the search for a new junior team member!

My first order of business? Finding an ace marketing intern or coordinator to join our small team (and throw ideas around with!) in Singapore. Experience is less important than enthusiasm and drive. Curiosity is paramount. If you hate the status quo, you’ll be a great fit.


Find out more at


Last but not least, thank you to my network of co-workers, mentors, friends and family as the Window Seat Group grows into a trusted marketing consultancy brand across Asia!

Be curious. We're all in the business of ideas.