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How to use memes in B2B:

A lesson from Hubspot

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Sales and inbound marketing SaaS company Hubspot's latest Facebook posts have got me laughing. And thinking... these are great examples of how to use humor and the (arguably) millennial language of memes in your B2B campaigns.

*Be very careful when replicating a strategy such as this. It must fit with your brand image and can't be an afterthought or random addition to your content marketing strategy.

See below for their recent posts and why they have impressed me...

(all credit to Hubspot at:

1) They've read their audience correctly - taking a harmless piece of humorous content, and "remixing" it with a relatable description or behaviour that resonates with their users - marketing and sales people.

2) Facebook for B2B is a unique channel where we are reminded that our business contacts are actually people (not only account managers, business owners, heads of business, CEOs etc). They usually have a sense of humour, love a good laugh and relate to those funny memes, if done correctly.

3) Execution & Engagement. They include call to actions and engagement mechanisms for people to share their stories. They have a consistent brand visual identity that serves brand awareness. And practically: they're doing things right by picking memes not needing sounds (but with the sound on, they're even better!)

What do you think? Could you see your company reaching their B2B audiences this way?

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In keeping with their theme,

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Priyanka Nadkarni

Marketing Director,

Window Seat Group


(Again, all credit to Hubspot: