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Infographic: Digital Stats for the 2019 B2B Marketing Funnel

To inform your B2B digital marketing strategies
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Last year we published an infographic which highlighted some of the key digital statistics for the B2B marketing funnel.


Digital transformation continues to impact the B2B buyer journey with more buyers using digital tools and channels.


This year’s update provides even more statistics to inform your strategies and help you get buy-in for integrating digital elements into your marketing plan.

Five key trends to look out for this year:

  1. You can no longer deny that your B2B buyers spend some, if not the majority, of their buyer journey using digital channels and tools. Gartner reports that 83% of B2B buyers used digital channels even in later stages of the buyer journey.
  2. B2B buyers are over 70% through their buying journey before they engage a salesperson. Failing to engage them in the research stages risks losing them as potential buyers.
  3. A well-defined SEO plan is now considered a “must-have” in your strategy, as 87% of people find business content through search engines, up 16% from 2012.
  4. Increasing the response time and accessibility to a salesperson are key drivers to B2B sales with 41% of individuals starting online chat conversations with businesses are executives. Being responsive on social media, messengers applications, or conversational interfaces ie. Chatbots creates positive perceptions that you are genuine in providing a business solution.
  5. Personalised content remains highly-valued by decision-makers to understand market trends, research existing products or services, and evaluate product choices prior to purchase. B2B buyers’ content preferences move along with their buying journey: they prefer blogs and articles (42%) in the initial stages, product descriptions (28%) in the middle stages and reviews (32%) in the closing stages.

View/Download it here:

B2B Marketing Funnel Infographic - Window Seat Consulting