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Nurture a Culture of Sharing: Social Media Policy 101

· Strategic Marketing,Social Media
Creating a Social Media Policy - Why?

If you don't already have a social media policy in place for your company, my advice is: stop what you're doing, and create one today.

Because not only does a social media policy help manage your brand and give guidance and comfort to your staff on their responsibilities, its also a key business risk management issues that will help to show your governance of the risk in the (these days not-so) rare chance of issue/breach.

Few tips to create your social media policy:

1. Make it easy to follow

2. Give clear instructions on what is guidance and what are mandatory Do's & Dont's

3. Consult legal and compliance teams

4. Advise on company's sensitive and confidential information

5. Provide a standard disclaimer for staff to use

6. Keep negative (especially controversial) discussions offline

7. Content shared should align with standard employee policies and company values

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