• We're in the business of ideas.

    Being curious is the first step to driving change and staying ahead of the curve.


    We don't just have a list of things we do.


    Instead, we prefer to understand your priorities and measures of success; where your challenges lie in meeting those goals; and then use industry best practice (and our tech and service partnerships) to recommend ways to improve your digital tools, channels and capabilities.


    Are there knowledge gaps in your team to stay innovative?

    Whether it's your marketing and/or communications team, or your sales and senior management lacking the understanding of digital communications to reach your audience, we help them get comfortable with the knowledge and skills to develop innovative strategies and execute digital communications with ease.


    Is "digital" still a line item in your plan?

    Digital marketing and communications are not strategies, but tools and channels to reach audiences in an increasingly multi-touchpoint, multi-channel world.

    Integrate digital elements into your existing strategies: build content marketing plans to engage and convert audiences; use social media to understand your customers and generate leads.


    Is your data working hard enough for you?

    If you have data, do you know how to use it to your advantage? We help customers understand how to measure, take advantage of and respond to data that delivers insights. Tackle the "struggle metrics", convert your leads, and report better ROI to your stakeholders. Report on the insights that matter the most.

  • Director's Note

    Priyanka Nadkarni Director B2B Marketing Consultancy

    Priyanka Nadkarni

    Managing Director

    Having spent the last 13+ years in B2B marketing - 7+ years based in Asia - I've integrated digital channels and tools, and built digital capabilities, into the sales and marketing teams of multi-national brands.


    With first hand experience in issues such as: the struggle to get senior management buy-in for adoption of technology; integration of best-practice marketing; optimising digital media distribution; content marketing for lead generation; or introducing digital elements in event marketing; I now thrive off helping other B2B marketers navigate the digital path.


    I look forward to learning about your journey and finding ways in which to collaborate.


    Connect with me on LinkedIn to share knowledge on B2B Marketing & Communications: www.linkedin.com/in/priyankanadkarni


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