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    Priyanka Nadkarni Director B2B Marketing Consultancy

    Priyanka Nadkarni

    Managing Director

    Having spent the last 18+ years in B2B marketing - 12+ years based in Asia - I've integrated digital channels and tools, and built digital capabilities, into the sales and marketing teams of multi-national brands, and scale ups in Financial Services and Fintech.


    With first hand experience in issues such as: the struggle to get senior management buy-in for adoption of technology; integration of best-practice marketing; optimising digital media distribution; content marketing for lead generation; or introducing digital elements in event marketing; I now thrive off helping other B2B marketers navigate the digital path.


    I look forward to learning about your journey and finding ways in which to collaborate.


    Connect with me on LinkedIn to share knowledge on B2B Marketing & Communications: www.linkedin.com/in/priyankanadkarni


  • Bring in the supporting act.

    Our job is to provide you and your team with new ideas to help make your strategies more effective.


    Whether you need your team trained on the latest insights and methods for digital marketing, need to implement marketing automation and / or analytics and don't know where to start, or you need a new way of planning and executing more effective integrated marketing campaigns that deliver results, we can work to meet your needs.


    Many of our clients consider us an extension of their teams, adding value and supporting your goals as and when you need it.

  • Reuters Plus Website

    Connecting with the right B2B Influencers...

    Working within campaign briefs, Window Seat Consulting helped the Reuters Plus team search and connect with B2B influencers that represented their client's needs.

    Barratt Galvin Website

    Content Marketing Planning

    Exploring Barratt Galvin's customer journey, we helped to develop a content strategy and 6-month execution plan for engagement with their recruitment candidates.

    A Global Bank needed a FinTech Marketing & Comms Strategy

    Facilitated by workshops with their business leaders, marketing and communications teams across multiple divisions, we devised their marketing and communications plan across all channels. This included identifying community groups and business influencers, new channels and social media networks to engage their audience with, and a clear set of key messages for each audience they were were targeting.

    SEAS Website

    Improving their team's digital marketing skills to communicate better with their members....

    We've worked with SEAS to strengthen their digital marketing strategy to their member base and beyond: adding low-cost video marketing; strengthening their digital communications channels; and training their team on B2B social media.

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    Rebranding a 40+ year business...

    When it came time to rebrand their DP Information Credit Services business in Singapore, Experian engaged Window Seat Consulting to smoothly execute this project - for both their customers and employees. Across technology platforms, marketing and communications, internal comms and more.

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    Strategy & Digital Content Planning:

    Do you have an objective or campaign you need to digitally optimise?

    Digital marketing and communications are not strategies, but tools and channels to reach audiences in an increasingly multi-touchpoint, multi-channel world.

    Integrate digital elements into your existing strategies: leverage your events in real life, and in digital channels; build content marketing plans to engage and convert audiences; use social media to understand your customers and generate leads.

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    Are there knowledge gaps in your team that's preventing you from being innovative?

    Whether it's your marketing and/or communications team, or your sales and senior management lacking the understanding of digital communications to reach your audience, we help build the knowledge of the latest industry best practice, and the skills to develop innovative strategies and execute digital communications with ease.

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    Insights & Automation:

    Is your data, and platforms, working hard enough for you?

    If you have data, do you know how to use it to your advantage? Do you have the right platforms to automate your team's less sophisticated tasks? We help customers understand how to implement and measure martech, and take advantage of and respond to data that delivers insights. Tackle the "struggle metrics", convert your leads, and report better ROI to your stakeholders. Report on the insights that matter the most.

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