• Q: I am a...

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    I am business leader who needs social media

    Business Leader

    You're a business leader in your chosen industry that has built a reputation as a thought leader and influencer. People trust your opinion, you get invited to speak at conference and are featured regularly in the press.

    (Or...your goal is to be a key opinion leader).

    I am a Brand Manager who supports business leaders with their social media

    Brand Manager

    You're a Marketing or Communications professional who manages your own brand's reputation. You also create content and campaigns and occasionally need industry experts outside your organisation to endorse or support your brand events and campaigns.

    I am a Agency who supports Brands' social media


    You're a Creative and/or Strategic Marketing, PR or Communications Agency that supports brand's in managing their own influence and creating campaigns with business endorsements and influencers.

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    The new age of

    business influence

    Today, even before you've had a chance to personally influence someone or meet them in person, it's likely they've done their research: "Googled" your name, checked your company website or searched for you on LinkedIn.


    Increasingly, Executives with powerful personal influence and thought leadership expertise are finding themselves inaccessible (or worse, irrelevant) due to their low digital presence.


    Ensure your online professional presence matches your "real-life" business profile. Amplify your influence across markets and platforms.


    Focused on your aspirations, your business interests and on amplifying your professional brand, we help Executives take ownership of their digital business presence and ability to influence.

  • How It Works

    Professional Branding for Senior Business Leaders



    Understanding your business and career goals, we get to the core of what you want to be known for.



    Profile development and ongoing communications framework for your Professional Brand.



    1:1 session to help you harness your online networks for business and increase your influence. 


    Ongoing Support

    1:1 support as you build, engage and influence your online networks for business success.

  • "The personal reflection of how I want to shape my business network was really important"

    - Executive Director, Insurance

    "I didn't realise how powerful a tool social media could be for my career"

    - Chief Operating Officer, Regional Bank

    "I'd been meaning to focus on my business social media for a long time- this made the process so much easier"

    - Head of Sales, Medical Device Company

    "It's opened my network beyond those I could ordinarily reach"

    - Chief Financial Officer, Global Education Operator

  • Services for Brands

    Whether you manage a brand directly or support a brand, we're here to help you!

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    Executive Profile Management

    Strengthen the profiles of your biggest brand assets

    The influencing ability of your executives is critical to business success. Yet many executives lack the social media presence, let alone influence, to stay relevant in today's digital world. Through 1:1 consultation and coaching, we prepare executives to take control of their online profiles. and build business influencers that people, and the brands they work for, can leverage for business success.

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    Business Influencer Matching

    Finding you the endorsement or partner for your next campaign

    Finding the right external business leader or brand ambassador to support your next marketing or communications activity can take time and resources away from your more important tasks. With the tools and network to find you the niche expert to match your next campaign or event, we match you with the right candidate to partner with to bring business influence. Our service comes with the trust of our thorough due diligence and brand alignment process (as below).

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    Brand Aligment

    Trust is key in the relationship between brands and business influencers

    Whether its your own senior executives or an external influencer you've engaged to promote your brand through events or campaigns, doing the checks and balances on brand fit, professional influence ability and possible conflicts of interests etc is crucial to the success of any brand activity. Reduce the risk of future misalignments, and reputation damage via our business influencer report card.

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